Orange Maps Collector

Field Data Collection and Mapping

Orange Maps Collector

Orange Maps Collector excels at collecting advanced flexible form data (stored locally on a device not requiring internet) and tying points, lines and polygons to that data along with offline disconnected mapping

a full-featured data collection application that’s ready for your adventures or hard work!

Fast data capture and responsive vector tile basemaps and overlay maps.

Form Data

Offline Mapping

Leave your old paper maps behind and grab Orange Maps Collector for amazing offline mapping

Support for Vector Tiles, Open Street Map Vector Tiles with Style Sheets, Raster Tiles, Vector Data from many sources


Connect to basemap tile servers

We have preconfigured basemaps to use when you have internet access.

web dashboard

Sync form data and attachments to online secure dashboard and export to different formats and create reports.

Advanced Form Builder

Share form layout/config amoung a team.  Design advanced forms and even edit form in app without internet.

High Precision GNSS receivers

Access accurate location with external GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) GPS/GLONAS/OTHERS


Ready for any data

Easily view online Geospatial Data ESRI and OGC Mapping Services, File Based Formats, Draw and Edit Vector Data

GPS & IP Geolocation

Show your position, Show Coordinates Google Place Search and GeoCoding


GeoData Explorer is full featured and we have a big roadmap of additional enhancements and new capabilities coming Performance that delivers. Vector Tile basemaps and overlays and transparency/opacity slider for data. Real time savings and enables more access to data

Jam Packed with Useful Features

Easy to use ! Easy to collect efficient data with forms with different data types

Attach photos, videos, audio notes, documents to location

Also available for Windows Desktop, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OSX

Rapid data collection

Ready for your extreme use

Open Street Map Vector Tile Basemaps and Vector Tile Overlays for fast responsive map display with zero lag and that’s customizable.

Start a survey with existing shapefile or overlay shapefiles as reference data.

Offline Tiles

Raster Tiles from OGC GPKG and MBTiles Vector Tiles inside MBTILES Offline Vector Data from Shapefiles, GeoJSON

The app builds on the fly vector tiles from Shapefiles and GeoJSON for handling large data and only displaying what’s in view

Vector Tiles

Display MapBox Vector Tiles format (PBF – protocol buffers) in mbtiles or from tile server Open Street Map Vector Tiles with Stylesheets preloaded in mbtiles format. Super fast and efficient rendering of large datasets.

Create advanced forms

Build advanced forms with a predefined list of values/choices and many other data types

All data is stored locally and does not sync to secure cloud dashboard until you click sync and have internet access

Export collected data

Export data to geojson, shapefile and other format

Build Reports from your collected data

Amazing Features

Fast and Powerful Data Collection Workflow

We designed Orange Maps Collector after using countless other mobile apps and being frustrated with their limited Geospatial Data format support, offline data collection of points, lines and polygons, no ability attribute table viewing and lack of easy use and sometimes vendor lock-in.  So we set out to engineer this product to meet our specifications and realized the benefit it would have to other users.

BaseMap Picker

Select Multiple Basemaps from open source and commercial providers. Google, Bing, ESRI, Stamen, Thunderforest, Open Street Map, HERE, CartoDB, NASA and others.

Spatial Bookmarks

Save map extent/location so you can easily come back to an area. Create unlimited spatial bookmarks


View Attribute Table

View attribute table and sort and filter

Map Viewing

Configure different basemaps from our basemap picker or add a new one URL. Display Coordinates (GPS Lat Long, UTM, MGRS, USNG, Maidenhead) and Graticule Lines Our mapping engine is one of the fastest rendering of data you’ll find.

Your Position on Map

Show your position on the map via Geolocation Geolocation feature works with GNSS Receivers (GPS) or WiFi via IP Address. Display routes on the map as well.  Display North Compass Arrow Display Coordinates in multiple formats


Draw features and assign attributes

Drop a point, Ciricle, Line, Polygon feature on the map and assign unlimited keys and values (attributes) to that location and save as GeoJSON (coming soon save as GPKG).  Also, attach media to the location. Full styling control for symbology representation.

Offline/Disconnected Data

The app supports many formats of offline files and database. (Mbtiles, GeoPackage, Shapefiles, FileGDB, GeoJSON, KML)

Vector Tiles

If you load a GeoJSON file the app will automatically split the file (up to 200mb) into tiles 256×256 pixels and different zoom levels for rapid display and rendering. We also support MapBox Vector Tiles (gzipped PBF) inside MBTiles or via an online XYZ Tile Server.  We also support Open Street Map Vector Tiles with different stylesheets

GeoPackage Support

We full support OGC GPKG – GeoPackage SQLite format for offline vector features and raster tiles and elevation tiles

Search loaded Data

Google Services Integration

Full Google Maps and Places Search and Routing/Directions


Label vector features

Support for high precision external Bluetooth GPS / GNSS Receivers

Take your survey and mapping and GIS data visualization and data capture to the next level with submeter sub-foot and centimeter (RTK) positions via external Bluetooth, Serial, USB GNSS Receivers (GPS Global Positioning Systems).  You can even work with Real-Time Networks (RTN) Continous Operating Reference Receivers and other services for position corrections.

Measure Length and Area

Measure Tools allow you to measure complex linear/lines and area/polygon measurements.


Works Landscape or Portrait Mode

Responsive design that’s flexible to enable you to work landscape or portrait and any screen size/resolution/pixel density Table of Contents Collapses and Top Menu becomes side menu as needed


Catalog/Project Files

JSON Project files for Form Design

Perfect for use in an office environment, in a vehicle or in the field you’ve got a fully equipped easy to use GIS that has the capabilities you need.

Feature Tour

Forms are advanced with ability to have different field types, required fields, validation rules, and app supports collecting Points, Lines and Polygons
Attaching unlimited content (Photos, Videos, Audio notes, Documents, already taken photos/videos) to collected records as well as switching between projects and forms
Data is sent to our secure dashboard and database.
Dashboard has advanced form builder and wizard
App also includes form editor for tweaking forms and quickly adding additional fields to capture.
Forms designs can be shared amoung teams.
From their data can be exported in SHP, KML, GeoJSON and in near future additional formats and capabilities like: GeoPackage GPKG, CSV/TSV, SQLite and DWG/DXF and DGN. As well as reproject data to whatever coordinate system users need.
As well as built advanced PDF Reports with media

The App supports navigating back to records and pulling up forms/records by clicking on the map.
GNSS Metadata is stored with the data
Full GIS Editor is included for drawing Points, Lines and Polygons and editing them as well.

Who is Orange Maps Collector app for? 



Electric, Fiber Optic, Cable, Phone, Water and Wastewater, Natural Gas offline mapping and access to OGC and ESRI Mapping Services make it perfect for utility agencies.

Law Enforcement

Emergency Management

Rescue and Recovery Damage Assessments Coordination and Planning

Real Property and Facility Asset Management

Asset management and mapping

Government Agencies

Any level of Government tons of uses for the app.


Monitor environmental conditions, manage resources and assets, perform analysis and print ready maps

Community Health Services

Land Development

Property Appraiser

Commercial Developer

Real Estate Appraiser

Defense and Intelligence

Homeland Security


Perfect for your precision managed Agriculture and large farms.

Use the drawing tool and feature creation to tag information about locations.

View color panchromatic imagery and near infrared from many web services

Ready to get started?

Download the app from your app store or contact us for custom builds and versions. For Windows, we have Windows MSI and EXE builds in addition to the Windows Store APPX

We would love to hear from you

Please feel free to suggest features, enhancements, ideas or data to include

Features Coming Soon:

Tech Maven Geospatial is actively developing and supporting this app and has a large Roadmap of additional features and capabilities will be developed.  We also encourage you to send us feedback.

planned future features are:

We make no promise or commitment to have these features available by any time, however, we have a large list of new features and enhancements logged in our application lifecycle management system

  • No Dashboard Option and have everything done in the app for clients with restrictions on data being uploaded to the cloud.
  • Reproject Vector Data that’s NOT in Geographic WGS84 and possibly support unzipped shp and filegdb
  • GL JSON Styling Tool and Load your own vector tile stylesheet
  • Integration with Open Street Map (OSM) Overpass API
  • Integration with other online services for Points of Interest and Location Data: FourSquare API
  • Street Level Photo from Bing, Google and Mappilary
  • Recent Satellite Photos from Digital Globe, Planet and ESA Sentinel and Others
  • Orthophoto-Aerials, Obliques and other data from NearMap and Geomni
  • Options to have richer forms with conditional logic and other powerful features
  • GeoFencing with Alerts/Notifications
  • Range Rings and other distance calculations
  • Social Location Sharing
  • Support for OGC WFS-T  Web Feature Service Transactional – from dashboard not from app. 
  • Request an Area of Interest for offline GeoPackage or MBTiles for Raster and Vector Data.
  • Support for additional file types and data formats
  • GeoServer REST API – for requesting raster imagery to be served or large vector data to be served or converted
  • Other Routing and Search services
  • Additional Analysis features and functionality like Point in Polygon and intersection
  • Additional Export features like OGC GPKG, SHP, SQLite. 
  • Showing Other references data Layers

and Much Much More…..

We also develop custom apps and solutions and consulting, project management and systems architecture and geospatial data services like map tiling and data conversion. Please contact us regarding your requirements. 

Mobile/Desktop GIS Mapping Editing App

If you are looking for an application that’s more centered around full blown GIS with more formats, editing existing data and creating new data and performing analysis. Please check out

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