We are a full service Geospatial Information Technology Services firm

Data Services and custom features and functionality

Tech Maven Geospatial builds custom solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


Consulting and data development services

Do you have Orthophoto-Aerials that you want to load into the app, no problem we can offer map tiling services that deliver highly optimized map tiles ready for ingestion into the app as GeoPackage or MBTILES or serving over the web as XYZ/WMTS Tile Layers.

Do you have data formats that are not supported by the app?  (MapInfo Tab, Spatialite, DXF/DWG/DGN,  Personal Geodatabases, and Other formats) Or data that’s not optimized for the app, Not a problem we offer data conversion and translation services and can generate mbtiles vector tiles and OGC GeoPackage features.   We also perform address geocoding services and working with non-spatial attribute data and mapping it.   

We can also assist you in integrating in your enterprise spatial databases and services into the app.

Data Development Services

Custom Development Services

Please feel free to send email to developer at techmaven.net to get the conversation going

You may also call us  754-333-1650 

Tech Maven Geospatial is a fully capable and application development firm that specializes in geospatial mapping we would love to support your specific use cases and needs for special features and custom applications.  We would gladly build you a special version of GeoData Explorer or Orange Maps Collector or custom new application.

full suite of solutions

Tech Maven Geospatial are subject matter experts in mapping and geospatial field!

We offer custom development, consulting, business/systems/data analysis, project management solutions, and many other services to suit any complex project.   We believe in stellar customer support and developing solutions that are well documented, tested, maintainable and are easy to use.  We always strive for optimal workflows and best user experiences and user interfaces designed for field work outdoors.  We use industry best practices in our software and data development services and utilize version/source control, issue tracking and project controls and project management.    Our team of software engineers is agile and well equipped to deliver outstanding products. 

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